Good as Gold

Bernie Miklasz, writing in The Athletic, has the right approach to the Paul Goldschmidt signing a five-year contract extension with the St. Louis Cardinals. He sees the organization acquiring a magnificent player for very little in an incredible trade for not just this upcoming season, but for the long haul. He is, of course, right.

Personally, I was certain this was going to blow up in the faces of Bill DeWitt Jr. and John Mozeliak. Thankfully, I was wrong. Goldschmidt is the perfect fit for the Cardinals and landing him through 2024 sets up sustained success.

Plus, he sees how the club will now look to find the extra pieces needed over the course of the season to fill holes and actually compete this year and the next.

Now that they’ve finally ended the chaos at first base, the Cardinals can shift their focus to other positions in the effort to Win Now.”

And Win For A Long Time.”

It’s certainly a win for the front office.

March 27, 2019

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