A Presidential Prediction

At this point on July 1, the Democrat nominee for President will be Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Warren, Sanders and Biden will be not be anyone’s choice as VP and, of course, Biden would never be asked.

If it’s Biden, he’d do well to convince Harris to be his running mate (good luck), but will likely be stuck with Klobuchar. I don’t think Warren would take it. Biden probably needs a woman running mate to balance out his ticket.

If it’s Harris, she’d do well to convince either Buttigieg or O’Rourke to be her running mate. Not sure who edges the other out. It can’t be Booker because it doesn’t balance the ticket well, but if the other two say no then he’s the guy.

If it’s Warren, she’d do well to convince either Harris or Booker to be her running mate. I’m not sure two women running is the best ticket, but it certainly might be.

If it’s Sanders, he’d do well to convince Harris to be his running mate. I really, really don’t want it to be Sanders.

Personally, I would prefer the nominee to be Kamala Harris with Pete Buttigieg as her running mate.

Imagine it:

Black vs White
Woman vs Man
Square Shooter vs Liar
Prosecutor vs Criminal

Plus the undercard being a homophobe going up against a Christian, veteran, Rhodes Scholar, who also happens to be in a committed, gay marriage. That would be interesting.

July 1, 2019

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