Sean McDevitt Dot Net is written and produced by Sean McDevitt (that’s me). It is a microblog on pop culture, politics, sports, news, technology, and really whatever strikes my fancy. Published from Champaign, Illinois, it’s updated regularly, but not always on the same day.

If you stumbled upon this site, you might be wondering why I maintain two websites? In the past, I’ve just kept one site with a blog. Sometimes it was the main .com address, and at other times, it was another name. What I’ve landed on that works best for me is for my .com site to be more of a public face and the .net be the one designed toward networking hence the .net address.

What will you find here? I think of this site as a microblog, which means shorter pieces and links to articles and other things I want to share and often comment upon. This is the place where I drop quick points or links about what’s important to me that I wish to share. I’ve been blogging off and on for more than twenty years and that, in a nutshell, is what I consider a personal blog.

The opinions expressed on this website are entirely my own. I never speak for my employer, friends, dog, or you. I don’t have a comment section.

As a guy who digs finding new tools, routines, and applications, I enjoy seeing what others are using and how I can streamline my work, make better use of my time, and be smarter every day.

This list is evolving, and I’ll continue to make changes. Check back regularly to see what new tool I’ve found.

Nearly everything I read online is via RSS. If you don’t have an RSS feed, I probably have never visited your site (or visited but once).

I never leave the house without my iPhone, slim front pocket wallet, and keys. I hold a Lacie Key USB, True Utility, and Swiss Tech Key on my key chain. Why, yes, I have opened a beer bottle or two with my True Utility Key.

TweetDeck is my Twitter client of choice on the MacBook and Tweetbot on the iPhone (Although I sometimes use Tweetbot on my MacBook).

I use a few iOS apps that I feel are high-end, beautiful to use, and indispensable on my iPhone. These include Notion, Overcast, Sleep Cycle, SparkDropbox, and Day One.

I encourage you to send me your comments. Unfortunately, I am incredibly busy with work, life, etc. If I don’t respond, please don’t take it personally.

Please address correspondence to:

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Nearly all writing and editing is done using Word and Google Docs.

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